Neon Winner!

20 07 2010

Here is something from CAMY! The winner of our NEON PROMO. She won a pair of ORANGE NEON ANTHOS =)



For the past months (2 to be exact) I have been alternating between my 2 Anthology Ballet/Banana Flats. They are simply divine to the feet.

I am in love with your Tokyo Ballet Flats the first time I saw them on-site. It was at Trilogy Boutique. Bought them 2 months later (had them reserved at Anthem, Poweplant Branch, Rockwell). But I didn’t wear them right away…in fact, I was scared to use it at first, for my previous experience with some ballet flats, there were some that falsely advertise their longevity and durability. Sure, they are stylish, but once the rain hits, well, it becomes a disaster. Tried every brand from Coach to Target’s Exhilaration’s plain ones. So, I took my time.

But once I did tried it on, was glorious. The big bow and gold studs added “girly edge” to any outfit i put into. I wore it to work, to a party and even just a short errand to the mall. It withstood rains, scorching heat and several hits from other passengers in the bus. But it still looks good as new.

Then you guys had a contest where it involved Neon Flats. I had been looking to invest in another pair of Anthologies, but I wanted to give it a go with the contest. I was sick at that time and I was recuperating. So to pass the time (and to avoid scratching my spots), I drew and colored my entry. Suffice to say, I was cuffed when I was informed that I won. I chose Orange because I wanted to add more punch of color in my wardrobe, and I rarely wear or own anything orange save for a pashmina scarf.

I wore it the first time today and I got a lot of strange stares, compliments and even the office’s resident b***h gave me a look over, and then huffed away. But you know what,

Phew, I prolly babbled way too much, but seriously, you guys rock. You have my 100% say that these shoes are tried, tested and true…and it’s ALL GOOD.

I attached here photos of the 2 shoes, worn on 2 different occasions, but the Tokyo Ballet Flats are the ones getting the most mileage, the orange flats is a bit of a challenge to wear, hence i tend to be careful which piece would blend.

im targeting the quilted ones next….

ciao bella.

much love,
camy francisco




❤ anthology shoes




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