Pick a NEON

5 06 2010

Gloomy days are upon us,Β  and we wanted to make you smile by giving away one pair of NEON CLASSICS. FREE!

Pick a color! Any color! We will send you a pair of these electro candy colored shoes in your size πŸ˜‰


And tell us WHY you deserve/want/need them neon’s πŸ˜‰

Tell us in a photo! Tell us on a postcard! Blog it up and send us a link!Β  Or send a simple message toΒ info@anthologyshoes.com

Contest starts NOW.

Winner in two weeks!






17 responses

5 06 2010
Nina Lacson

waaa! I want another Anthology flats!! http://tohoneysuckledays.blogspot.com/2010/04/perfect-flats-capri-by-anthology-event.html and http://tohoneysuckledays.blogspot.com/2010/05/tohoneysuckledays-big-thanks-anthology.html or should I make a different post? I want to join! haha! I think I deserve them because I want to see myself in neon for a change coz I always am in black shoes. Might as well try it and Anthology would be the nicest pick for this somehow change. πŸ™‚ It’s time to put some color, I guess. πŸ™‚


6 06 2010

hi nina! thank you for this =D weeee!

5 06 2010
Barni Escaler

I would love to step into buttery leather with a punch of color to liven up my plainest outfit.

6 06 2010

Thank you Super Barni! =)

8 06 2010
jill ong

pink car, pink bag and a pink shirt………..would’nt it be nice to complete it with apair of super stylish plus comfi anthology neon pink shoes…

* really love anthology, stylish, super comfortable and affordable.. God bless and more power

8 06 2010

Big thanks to you Jill! =D

8 06 2010
camy francisco

I placed it in my notes in FB. hope that’s ok.


I need a pair of neon orange flats to compliment my “borrowed from the Beaufriend” carrot fit pants. πŸ˜€

8 06 2010

This is just super awesomeness in an entry! Thank you Camy! Long live karrotpants! wahaha

10 06 2010

Oh those neon pink shoes have my name on them! I really despaired of finding comfortable and reasonably priced ballet flats. However once I got my Anthology Capri shoes I was in love. I have in fact ordered the same pair in blue. Now neon pink would help round out my little family of Anthology flats and be a pick-me-upper now that the rainy season has arrived.

10 06 2010

Made a blog post na http://bit.ly/agNL3u click the link!

10 06 2010
15 06 2010
15 06 2010
Pink Neon Classics from Anthology: The perfect pick-me-upper « The Adventures of Kamikazee Girl

[…] as expected, I went to the Anthology website to freaking drool on my London brogues when this announcement caught my eye. Anthology NEON […]

15 06 2010

Hi Anthology peeps!
I hope you’ll pick me πŸ™‚

Thank you for the opportunity. Here’s my blog: http://kamikazeegirl.wordpress.com/2010/06/15/pink-neon-classics-from-anthology-the-perfect-pick-me-upper/

God Bless!

17 06 2010

Hiya people!

I made a blog entry for the contest.

Of all the contests that i have joined, this one is what i really wanted to win sooooooo much! hehehe

Good luck to everybody

18 06 2010
1 09 2010

Hello I’m already a fan of your facebook page.

Orange pls ^_^

Why do I want them?

My footwear color consists of black/neutral colors and sometimes it can be boring. I love experimenting but being born in a traditional Chinese community, I have to wear something that is safe and not bold and adventurous.But I want to try something new and funky.I want a splash of bright color to accentuate my “flat” outfit.

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