To Honeysuckle Days

21 05 2010

NINA!  Like we said, this post made us smile. Maybe do a cartwheel or two 😉

* * * * * *

“Usually, when I wear newly bought footwear, I suffer for two days or so until the time that it finally fits and adjusts to my feet perfectly and comfortably. But with this Anthology event flats, my feet did not hurt at all. Or, it did, but after a whole day of walking which is the normal type of sore you get even when wearing slippers. And since it’s garterized, it fits your feet perfectly. Your feet neither look too big nor too small.

..SIDE THOUGHTS AND FACT SCENARIO (thinking that you think like I do): I’m kind of hesitant to try them on since it kind of looks like one of those Tory Burch wanna be… But after trying them on, I said: “Oh, ok, this is by Anthology, nothing more, nothing less, just real and fashionable comfort shoes”…

* * * * * *

THANK YOU! We are happy you are lovin the shoes =)

Everyone, please read the full entry here:

Oooh, incidentally, our shoes are made in Antipolo. Loud and proud.

Cheers to honeysuckle days and happy feet!




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